Zaur Darabzadeh spoke about the impact of sanctions against Russia on Azerbaijani cinemas - VIDEO


The Russian-Ukrainian war affected the film industry, too. Many companies have stopped screening their films in Russia.

Zaur Darabzadeh, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the chain of the cinemas “CinemaPlus”, in an interview with the Real Intervyu project of the Real TV channel, said that, being the largest cinema chain in Azerbaijan, CinemaPlus works directly with the studios of the world's largest companies such as Sony, Disney, Warner Bros. and Paramount. The CIS office is located in Moscow, the CIS countries received films through Russia. Current situation in the world shows that companies will change the location of the CIS office. In general, films broadcast in the world will be broadcast in Azerbaijan on the same day. That is, the Azerbaijani audience will not feel it.

Still there are negotiations. It is possible that one of the film producers will open a representative office for the CIS in Baku. Currently, the main goal is to broadcast films in Azerbaijan on the day of the world premiere!

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