The Turkish comedy “On my own way” ("Kendi yolumda") had been watched by the media representatives in "CinemaPlus" - PHOTO\VİDEO


“CinemaPlus”, a premium class cinema located in the 28 Mall shopping center, affiliated with Cinema Distribution, hosted a screening of the Turkish musical comedy “Kendi Yolumda” (On my own way) for media representatives.

The film is directed by Omer Faruk Sorak.

Starring characters are Gokhan Ozoguz, Gokche Bahadir, Ferit Aktukh.

Duration of the film is 90 minutes. Age limit is 12+.

Briefly about the film: The film is dedicated to the popular Turkish musical group called Athena. Gökhan Ozoguz, the lead singer of the Athena band, sets out on a journey. However, he will have to make an emergency stop in Adana due to the breakdown of his vehicle. Having reached the car repair workshop service, he will meet a certain Omer Ali, who works as a mechanic in this service. It turns out that Omer is also interested in music and even tries to write his own songs. After listening to one of the songs, Gökhan will appreciate the work of the young musician and advise him to continue....

In response, Omer will begin complaining that his father is the kind of person who wants to see only a car mechanic in Omer. After his answer, Omer will ask Gökhan a counter question about whether Gokhan could become such a star as he is now if he lived in Adana and worked there as a mechanic?

For some reason, these very words were engraved in Gokhan's subconscious. While the car was being repaired, Gokhan fell asleep ... And woke up as an ordinary auto mechanic from Adana ...

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