The list of films released from August 25 in the chain of cinemas “CinemaPlus”


Melodrama "After ever happy"

The melodrama “After ever happy" made in the USA starts from August 25 in the chain of cinemas “CinemaPlus”.

The film is directed by Castile Landon.

Starring characters are Hiro Fiennes-Tiffin, Josephine Langford and Louise Lombard.

Duration of the film is 110 minutes.

Age limit is 16+

Briefly about the film: It is the sequel to one of the most commercially successful independent film franchises based on the best-selling books by Anna Todd. Tessa and Hardin's love is undeniable, and with each new test, their bond grew stronger, and their passion grew stronger. That's just Hardin can not pacify his demons, while Tessa is no longer the naive girl whose world he turned upside down. She feels that in the eternal attempts to save Hardin, she may lose herself. Does their story have a happy ending, or is " after ever happy" just not for Tessa and Hardin?

Thriller "Fall"

In the chain of cinemas "CinemaPlus" starts a thriller - "Fall" produced in the USA and Great Britain.

The film is directed by Scott Mann.

Starring acharacters are Grace Fulton, Virginia Gardner and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Duration of the fim is 125 minutes.

Age limit is 16+

Briefly about the film: Becky has always been an extreme, but after the death of her husband, she decided to stop chasing adrenaline. The last ascent awaits her - together with her friend, she climbs to the top of a radio mast which is more than 600 meters high to scatter the ashes of her late husband. Now the girls have to fight against the elements in the illusory hope of salvation.

Family fantasy movie "Bir Türk Masalı" (One Turkish fairy tale)

The Turkish family fantasy movie “Bir Türk Masalı” (One Turkish Fairy Tale) starts in the chain of cinemas “CinemaPlus”.

The film is directed by Toprak Sergen.

Starring acharacters are Toprak Sergen, Burak Sergen and Cemal Hyunal.

Duration of the film is 90 minutes.

Age limit is 1+

The film tells about what the characters of the Land of Happiness experienced, whose destinies are changed by dark and light sides. The film combines: love, comedy and surreal elements, as well as an international classic "epic saga".

Cartoon "Barboskiny Team"

Russian cartoon - "Barboskiny Team" starts in the chain of cinemas "CinemaPlus".

The film is directed by Elena Galdobina and Fyodor Dmitriev.

Starring characters are Ksenia Brzhezovskaya, Ekaterina Gorokhovskaya and Yulia Zorkina.

Duration of the film is 100 minutes.

Age limit is 1+

Briefly about the film: Barboskins are dreaming to become famous and to conquere the Internet. They know how to dance and make funny videos that collect likes and views, but they are still far from the real stars of the Internet, such as Kitty Cat. By chance, Cat becomes their neighbor, not only friendship, but also rivalry develops between them. Mentor Cat is not very happy with the competitors and is trying to bring discord into the friendly family.

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