List of the films those are released from June 9 at the chain of the cinemas “CinemaPlus” - VIDEO


Thriller "Last seen alive"

From June 9 a US-made thriller "Last seen alive" starts its screening at the chain of cinemas "CinemaPlus".

Duration of the film is 110 minutes. Age limit is 18+

The film is directed by Brian Goodman.

Starring acharacters are: Gerald Butler, Jamie Alexander, Russell Hornsby.

Briefly about the film: Will Spann is driving his wife home to her parents, whom they are going to divorce. During a stop at a gas station, the spouse strangely disappears without a trace. Will picks up the local police on ears and, together with his wife's parents, tries to find her. However, over the time, suspicion falls on him.

Action movie Vendetta. Gangs of Atlanta

Action movie produced in the USA Vendetta. Gangs of Atlanta starts at the chain of cinemas CinemaPlus.

Duration of the film is 110 minutes. Age limit is 16+

The film is directed by Jared Cohn.

Starring characters Bruce Willis, Clive Standen, Thomas Jane.

Briefly about the film: Former Marine William Duncan loses his daughter - the girl became an accidental victim of a showdown of street gangs. The police are inactive. The father takes justice into his own hands and cracks down on the guilty. The murdered man turns out to be the son of a big mafia, and Duncan finds himself in the epicenter of a gang war.

Animated film "Koschey. Bride Kidnapper"

Screening of the Russian cartoon Koschey. Bride kidnapper” starts at the chain of cinemas “CinemaPlus.

The film is directed by Roman Artemiev and Inna Evlannikova.

Duration of the film is 90 minutes. Age limit is 6+

Briefly about the film: For some reason, Koschey, forever young and always smartly dressed, cannot find a bride for himself for three hundred years. He intimidated, and kidnapped, and turned various princesses into frogs, but these courtship did not help the prince of darkness. Meanwhile, the beautiful hero Varvara only does what she fights off in the arena from suitors who covet her dowry. However, having taken possession of the Koshcheev needle, Tsar Gorokh figure out how to get to Varvara. But he didn’t take into account one thing - although Koshchei’s death is enclosed in a needle, however the love can still come to life in his heart...

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