İn "CinemaPlus" presented short documentary film "Parabuzen" - PHOTO\VIDEO


"Parabuzen" (Ladybird) a short documentary film about 19 Azerbaijani citizens who were under Armenian siege from March 31 to May 23, 1993, was presented at the "CinemaPlus 28 Mall" cinema.

The Executive Director of the Media Development Agency, Ahmad Ismayilov, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Karabakh Revival Fund, Rahman Hajiyev, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Work with Religious Structures, Gunduz Ismayilov, officers of the Ministry of Defense, veterans of the Karabakh War, other state officials, MPs, and those who appeared in the film attended the presentation ceremony.

Before the presentation ceremony, the participants were informed about the film.

It was reported that the idea of the film was put forward by Report Information Agency. The screenplay was created with the financial and technical support of Global Media Group.

The director of the film is Fuad Huseynaliyev, the production director and screenwriter is Ayaz Mirzayev, the producer is Imdad Alizadeh, the cameraman is Agha Naghiyev, and the editor is Arzum Nurushzadeh. Agha Naghiyev took the drone footage.

The footage was filmed in the Chaykend village of Kalbajar, where 19 people were surrounded, the Oguldare village of Lachin, where they stayed under siege, and the Gulabird village of Lachin, where they broke the siege.

The film tells the story of the siege of 19 people, how they hid from the enemy for 54 days, and how they got out of the siege.

The director of the film, the Director of Report Information Agency, Fuad Huseynaliyev, said in his speech that the screen work was made possible due to the liberation of Karabakh thanks to the determination of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the head of the country, Ilham Aliyev, the blood of our martyrs, and the determination of our veterans.

"Had the areas where the film was shot been still under occupation, no filming would have taken place. Therefore, I bow before the souls of the martyrs who died for the sake of the land and wish health to our veterans. A film was made on this subject before, but at that time, we could not go to the areas where the events took place. However, after our lands were liberated from the occupation, we went to the areas where the events took place together with the besieged people and made a documentary about what happened 29 years ago," the director said.

Ayaz Mirzayev, the production director and screenwriter of the film, clarified why the name of the film was "Parabuzen" (Ladybird). He said that a very strange but accidental or mystical incident happened with the Ladybird: "Even though everyone expected the besieged people to come from the direction of Kalbajar, the Ladybird flown by Imdad Alizade, the besieged Ali Aliyev's son, showed a completely different direction than everyone thought. It continues like this many times. I think it's a divine force. Even Imdad takes offense at the Ladybird for a while, which is a very impressive moment. As a result, the 19 people who returned from the siege actually returned from the direction indicated by the Ladybird. We tried to show in this film how 19 people held on to life in 54 days and helped each other. Twenty-nine years later, under the command of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the Azerbaijani Army allowed us to return to these areas. May God have mercy on our martyrs and heal our veterans."

Imdad Alizadeh, the producer of the film and the editor of the Report Information Agency, noted that the main point of the film is to show the public the oppression committed by the Armenians against civilians in both the First and Second Karabakh Wars.

"We started shooting this film three months ago. The film was filmed in Kalbajar and Lachin districts. Returning to those places and experiencing those feelings again is a very different sense. It's hard to put into words. This documentary film shows the terrorist acts, inhumane behavior, and military aggression committed by Armenia against Azerbaijan and its civilians. It is not a figment of the imagination of any screenwriter or directors. Those appearing in the film are not the actors. This film is about what 19 people experienced during the 54-day Armenian siege and how they survived. I think it is important to film other real stories like this," Alizadeh said.

Then a 25-minute film was shown.

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