“CinemaPlus” is screening the film “Spencer: The Secret of Princess Diana” - VIDEO


The chain of cinemas "CinemaPlus" has started showing the biopic "Spencer: The Secret of Princess Diana", which tells about the last days of the life of Princess Diana.

The film is one of the premieres at the Venice Film Festival. Director Pablo Larrain considers "Spencer" a unique story about a princess who did not want to become a queen. He is definitely right, this story has already been told by reality itself.

The plot focuses on one of the most influential British people in the history - Princess Diana of Wales, played by Kristen Stewart, nee Spencer. She was a legendary woman and a role model for many.

The story of the film follows Princess Diana and Charles Windsor, who are forced to play the ideal couple in public as their marriage falls apart. Every year the royal family gathers to celebrate Christmas at Sandrigham Estate, where they spend the whole weekend. This time the celebration is in jeopardy. Princess Diana has long suspected her husband of betrayal. She notices many oddities in his behaviour, but prefers to keep her thoughts just in head. The woman is in deep contemplation. She is going to file for divorce; the local media have already noted the unusual behaviour of the spouses on the street. For Diana, children become the most important in her life, so she is forced to behave as if she is not aware of anything. During a festive dinner, Diana smiles at the cheater, and then rushes about in an attempt to find the right choice. Soon the whole country was talking about the secret romance between Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowes. An unhappy marriage was coming to an end; a new stage began in the life of the princess, no less difficult than the previous one.

The starring characters are Kristen Stewart, Sally Hawkins, Sean Harris, Timothy Spall, Olga Hellsing and Thomas Douglas.

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