CinemaPlus held a gala evening with the heroes of the film "Komutan"


A gala evening of the Turkish action movie Komutan” (Commander) was held at the premium cinema CinemaPlus”, located in the shopping center Ganclik Mall”, with the support of the Yunus Emre Foundation in Baku. The event was attended by Mert Kılıç and Aslıhan Guner, who are the main characters of the film. They answered the questions from reporters, walked the red carpet and took pictures with their fans. The Azerbaijani audience warmly welcomed the Turkish actors.

The movie is based on real events.

The film is Directed by Selahattin Sancakly and Mert Kılıç.

Starring characters are Mert Kılıç, Aslihan Guner, Jan Kizilitukh and Emre Bulut.

Briefly about the film: The film tells about a group of soldiers trying to bring the bodies of three soldiers to Turkey who died in Syria.

Support in organizing the event was provided by Cinema Distribution, the MADO restaurant, video and photography by the creative company “Light in Black”.

It should be noted that the film will be shown in all “CinemaPlus” cinemas starting from October 13.

“CinemaPlus is always ready to delight you with the best premieres in the history of cinema and make pleasant surprises.

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