"CinemaPlus" will host a screening of the Turkish tragicomedy "Repairshop" (Tamirhane)


The chain of cinemas “CinemaPlus” starts showing the Turkish tragicomedy film Workshop (Tamirhane).

The film was directed by the famous actor Erkan Kolchak Kostindil, and the screenwriter of the film was Bulent Sakrak. They perform in this movie, too.

Starring characters are Nejat Isler, Merve Dizdar, Ryza Kojaoglu, Ali Sechkiner, Erkan Kolchak Kostendil, Bulent Sakrak.

The main characters are Yilmaz and Mujdat. They have known each other since they were children, having grown up together in the same orphanage. Now they work in a repair shop.

One day, an elderly man comes to them to repair the car, which they immediately do not like due to the fact that he is constantly dissatisfied with everything. The owner has a heart attack and dies. The two friends immediately realize that they could be accused of murder.

Yılmaz and Mujdat put the corpse of the old man into the fuel tank. Afterwards, they notice that the cars they've been painting with solvent taken from the fuel tank where the corpse had been put starting to look great. From that moment on, the life of Yılmaz and Mujdat completely changes.

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