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Popularity of fantastic action movie “Doctor Strange: The Multiversity of Madness”, which is the 28th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is growing at the chain of the cinemas “CinemaPlus”.

The first solo project about this character was released in 2016. This tape collected a budget of $165 million at the worldwide box office. The work on the future film was officially announced in 2019.

The director was the creator of the original Spider-Man trilogy, Sam Raimi. The film, which was originally announced as a horror, changed the genre to an action-adventure with elements of science fiction.

Starring characters are Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olsen and Rachel McAdams.

Duration of the film is 140 minutes. Age limit is 12+.

Briefly about the film: The continuation of the magical adventures of Doctor Strange in new mystical worlds and in the confrontation with new enemies. In the new film, Strange will have to correct the consequences of the release of the multiverse, which arose after the events in the film in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

We would like to note that you can watch the film "Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness" at the "CinemaPlus" cinema located in the "Deniz Mall" shopping center with the latest 4DX technology in Azerbaijan.

Innovative 4DX cinema technology enhances the visual effects of action-packed blockbusters and horror films with additional special effects such as motion, chair rotation and jolts, water spray and wind, lightning and snow, soap bubbles and fragrance. As a result, 4DX is one of the most immersive formats in the film industry, drawing viewers into the action on the big screen.

CinemaPlus is always ready to delight you with the best premieres in the history of cinema and make pleasant surprises.

You can buy the tickets at the box office of the cinema network or online on the official website of the cinema:


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