CinemaPlus hosted the Gala Evening of the film "Key of Baku" (Bakının açarı) - PHOTO\VIDEO


A gala evening of the Azerbaijan Film Academy's film "The Key of Baku" (Bakının açarı) was held at the premium class cinema “CinemaPlus” located in the Gənclik Mall shopping center.

The film is directed by Zaur Takhirsoy.

Starring characters are Urfan Jabbraly, Narmin Ahmed, Ibrahim Alizade, Vusal

Tagiyev, Fidan Ismayilova, Maya Huseynli, Anar Ali.

Briefly about the film: During the period of the khanates, the key to the underground city of Baku passed into the hands of the Russians. Despite this, only the guardians of Baku know the location of the underground city. The last of the guardians is a teacher of the history. To get this key, he gathers together 5 best thieves of the city and plans to steal the key from the Museum of Russian History in Baku. The interested Russians are also waiting for the key of the museum to be stolen in order to hunt down the custodian.

Support in organization of the event had been provided by Cinema Distribution and the restaurant “MADO”.

We would like to note that the film will be shown in the chain of the cinemas “CinemaPlus” from November 24th.

CinemaPlus cinema is always ready to delight you with the best premieres in the world of cinema and make pleasant surprises.

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