Turkish comedy "Ah Be Birader" at the “CinemaPlus


The Turkish comedy “Ah Be Birader” will be screened in the chain of cinemas “CinemaPlus” starting from September 9.

The film is directed by Ahmet Kapuju.

Starring characters are Ufuk Ozkan, Anil Ilter and Serkan Kuru.

Duration of the films is 120 minutes. Age limit is 12+

The film tells the story about Orhan and Ali, two opposing characters whose paths somehow cross.

Orhan is a very assertive and fearless person who engages in usury with people. Ali is a very shy person and is caught in the middle of a robbery while buying a ring for the woman he wants to marry. When all sorts of troubles come to him, he takes refuge with his brother, who is a usurer.

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