The network of cinemas "CinemaPlus" includes 9 cinemas, 50+ screens and 5000+ seats.

"CinemaPlus" is a network of cinemas that has digital projection systems with high resolution and the ability to display 3D content. Also, high-quality screens, high-brightness technology and image clarity "Enhanced 4KBarco" allow you to watch movies in the best and highest quality.

The concept of "Platinum Movie Suites", used in the network of cinemas "CinemaPlus", offers viewers the opportunity to watch a movie in the hall with luxurious leather Italian comfort seats and a folding backrest, the possibility of ordering food and drinks right during the show.

In addition, the cinema network "CinemaPlus" for the first time in Azerbaijan applied the world system Dolby Atmos.

With the ability to place and move audio to anywhere in the theater, Dolby Atmos technology allows filmmakers to bring sound to the cinema to a whole new level. As a result, the viewer not only watches what is happening on the screen, but moves to the center of events.

The network of cinemas "CinemaPlus" includes 9 cinemas, 50+ screens and 5000+ seats.

The attending of ‘Platinum Movie Suits’ will leave you with unforgettable impression about our cinema theatre. The conception of this premium cinema hall offers viewers to watch films in hall supplied with Italian luxurious leather superior jump seat armchairs, the possibility of ordering food and beverages right during the screening of film.

CinemaPlus offers to its guests possibility to purchase tickets via various comfortable for them ways: at the official site of cinema theatre: http://www.cinemaplus.az/, using recently launched application managed by operating system IOS and Android or direct from box offices of cinema theatre.